Title Unrelated is a story of family, love, friendship, and identity.

A family travels to another world in search of their missing sister, but things are not as simple as they hope...

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March 13, 2017
Chapter 5, Page 45
And that's it! The End of Chapter 5! Sorry for the questions that weren't answered yet, haha. You'll just have to be patient! ;)

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND following my Patreon for sketches, updates, and previews of stuff for Chapter 6 in the coming months, as well as other goodies!
I'm not sure about the ETA for the next chapter, as I'm going to be moving (Yes, AGAIN) and finishing up some other stuff. But don't worry, when we get there, it'll be AWESOME.

In other news, please check out author Jon Hakes on Patreon as well, when he reaches his goal of $110/month I'll be doing a small illustration for one of his stories! NEAT!

March 6, 2017
Chapter 5, Page 44
No good options, here, it seems...

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